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MFK (Multi Format Kit)

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Multi Format Kit MFK (BMC,MC) (S-L,XL-XXL) (IIIa,III,IV)

  • The MFK is a kit that allows you to customize our popular Multi Format Plate Carrier (MFPC) with the West Coast Armor plates of your choice.
  • The MFPC is a modern scalable armor system designed for military and law enforcement varied mission profile. It is versatile enough to meet the needs of low-profile slick parameters for law enforcement daily use, or it can be scaled up to heavy-load-bearing sustained engagement.
  • Comes equipped with one (1) of two (2) cummerbund options: (A) an elastic cummerbund with storage sections for magazines, communications gear, or accessories; or (B) a rigid, jumpable, “JPC” cummerbund with MOLLE sections built in, which can carry side plate pouches or any other MOLLE pouch for gear or equipment.
  • The MFPC comes with an additional two (2) shoulder pad options: (1) a heavy padded support that can tether comms or hydration tubing along the shoulder, and (2) a slick shoulder strap sleeve made of comfortable 4-way-stretch material to reduce friction against an exposed operator’s neck.
  • Designed as a non-proprietary system that can be used in conjunction with most other manufacturers’ chest rigs, front flaps, panels, and other MOLLE or plate carrier systems.
  • The MFPC is capable of carrying any of our standalone armor plates up to level IV. The kit comes equipped with the West Coast Armor plates of your choice.