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LVPC (Low Viz Plate Carrier)

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Low Viz LVPC RG and Black Colors, S-L and XL-XXL Sizes (armor not included)

  • The Low Vis is a special profile armor system designed with reduced print and signature for law enforcement, special detail, PSD, and EP. The absolute minimalist design makes strategic use of materials for a formfitting, plate-profile-reducing, and comfortable system.
  • Can be worn in conjunction with any of our plate or armor systems, but it excels when paired with 3a hard or soft armor panels.
  • Comes equipped with one (1) of two (2) cummerbund options: (A) an elastic cummerbund with storage sections for magazines, communications gear, or accessories;or (B) a slick elastic cummerbund for the operator or agent who will need no access to additional equipment supported by the armor system, thereby allowing the user to maintain the lowest profile.
  • Capable of carrying any of our standalone armor plates up to level IV.