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FAST Helmet

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The West Coast Armor High-Cut Ballistic (FAST) Helmet is a lightweight version of the ACH and MICH helmets, with a high-cut design that goes above the ear. This is the preferred helmet of Special Forces because of its light weight, and because it causes less impingement between the helmet shell and headsets. Our high-quality padding with nylon hook and loop fastener backing makes prolonged use a breeze.

The High-Cut Ballistic Helmet meets and complies with NIJ Level IIIA standards for protection. This means the helmet has been tested to stop a .357 Sig at 1,470 feet/second and .44 Magnum rounds at 1,430 feet/second from longer barrel handguns.

  • Kevlar aramid construction
  • Level IIIA ballistic rating
  • Dial retention liner
  • Four-point adjustable chin strap