The West Coast Armor team is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in the military, law enforcement training, medic training, and the private sector. Our firsthand experience with ballistic armor has resulted in the industry’s most cutting-edge lifesaving ballistic products.

We have successfully designed the ultimate body armor–thinner, stronger, lighter, and more affordable than our competitors in the market. On top of this, our armor meets all NIJ standards. We are excited and honored to help you protect yourself, your family, your home, your vehicle, and your workplace.



West Coast Armor believes that a company is only as good as the people who choose to use its products, so we are honored that professionals from all over the world choose to use our gear over any other. In addition, we are proud of our joint collaboration partnerships with North American Rescue and various law enforcement, military, and medical training operations from all corners of the globe. 

Through continuous communication with those who are out there saving lives and defending our country, we have built armor of an unprecedented quality–the strongest, most functional, most comfortable, and lightest armor, trauma products, and tactical gear.

West Coast Armor is based in San Diego, California, and proudly makes products in the USA.


10095 Scripps Ranch ct. Unit B/C
San Diego CA 92131
United States



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